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Written by FRANCO   
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 08:44
As you may have noticed, the “Guestbook” instrument is very used apart from the possibility of sending articles. This is probably because is less formal and messages arrive faster and until now registration was not required. You may have also noticed that, more or less explicitly, we have invited whoever wished to get involved to register so that we can have at least an e-mail of reference that would limit a completely anonymous use. The purpose of this instrument is that of receiving advises and thoughts not necessarily coinciding or agreeing with ours. It is important that this instrument does not become the means of squabbles more or less anonymous, of insinuations or outbursts of personal discontent. This is why, after an upsetting and rather offensive intervention, I decided to make the Guestbook available only to registered users. The interventions the registered users will make will be immediately visible except the case in which they have been eliminated by me due to their offensive contents or non adequate or non coherent language in relation to the contents of this website.