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There is no treatment which can cure the persons suffering from the Angelman syndrome. There is however a series of important measures which can improve language skills, motricity and behaviour. Controlling possible medical complications is also important particularly gastrointestinal and otorhinolaryngonal problems during the first years of age and orthopaedic and oculistic problems afterwards.

Since we had various contacts with other parents with children suffering from analogous diseases, we came to the knowledge of the fact that in USA there are two specialised centres, communicating one another, where they obtained successful and previously unthinkable results applying innovative therapies. This gave us hope and this is where we would like to take our Elisa.

These are the centres:

- Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center (OHNC) and
- Therapies4kids 

The treatments and the staying of the girl and the persons accompanying her in this type of clinics represent however an huge cost for an ordinary family like that of Elisa’s as it can be inferred from the quotation for the six-month treatment ($ 115.320/00) sent by Therapies4Kids.