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Thursday, 18 September 2008 18:54
I would like to answer an email received from A.M. and also to whom generally has legitimate and very respectable doubts or queries:
“I received your message by mail and trusted it: the person who forwarded it to me, probably another uncle, is a colleague of my brother’s; I hope I will not have to regret this because I have also forwarded it to others.”

There are no reasons for you to doubt the seriousness and reliability of this initiative. What motivates us is our love for Elisa and the will to take even the last chance to improve her state. 
- Are we right to do this?
- Are we wrong?

Maybe time and reality will be right and we will “drown” ourselves in a sea of “resignation”.

I want you to understand that it would probably be easier to us all to be deaf to the voice of our conscience and give up. Maybe it would be easier to just shrug and repeat ourselves that “we did all we could”.


We all know that this path is paved with failures, delusions and full of “cats and foxes” ready to lovingly bury our “gold coins”.
We know that too well!
But Elisa has already six years and up until today we do not have a final diagnosis. It is certain that, in spite of our continuous presence stimulating her, talking to her and not leaving her alone and in spite of the presence of the speech therapist who, lovingly or professionally, tries to help her, we see no improvement at all so far.

We therefore get hold of the prospect that maybe Elisa has something else than the Angelman syndrome. After all, genetic examinations did not provide an objective result. Maybe Elisa has a disease which could be improved with specific therapies, as the 4Kids clinic state (where they examined the documentation), maybe…
So we ask ourselves: is it the right thing to do not taking this chance?

Who helps in us taking this path must know that chances are that he/she would have simply dreamt with us.

However, rest assured that the amounts we gathered, whereas not enough for the six-month treatment in America, will be used to provide Elisa with the physiotherapy, those specific therapies nevertheless stimulating (i.e. horse therapy, water therapy etc.) and that specific assistance generally hard to be guaranteed due to the continuous low budgets of ASL.

Thank you for your donation and your support in this matter.

Franco Piergentili