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Written by FRANCO   
Friday, 19 September 2008 19:46
Here I am,
Thank you all for being part of this, for your help provided under all aspects and for your vital moral support resulting from each and every participation of yours.
- I wish to thank Giacomelli Enrico with the ISE Software from Grosseto who gave me the certainty of making this site, knowing that I could rely on him in case of need, as well as for favouring the mass-media diffusion of this message.
- I wish to thank Elena of Pitigliano, speech therapist, whose advices Paola and Marco will definitely take into consideration and whom will contact personally.
- I also thank Simone Galli for his availability in offering us the use of his well known sites to diffuse our project. I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that similar initiatives will be well accepted only if the offers does not include the insertion of banners inside Elisa’s website because they do not identify with the mission of this site.
- I also thank all of you who prefer the anonymity expressing their precious availability directly to my email with ideas and initiatives.
- How could I not be grateful, with a little bit of vanity, to Pietro Malandrini and the acknowledgements he gave me.

I am taking this opportunity to inform you that I will also insert among contacts Marco’s and Paola’s contact information, Elisa’s parents, as well as those of the “mythical” aunt Maura whom you can contact directly, if you think it appropriate. I also thought it was better to eliminate any reference to OR.S.A. (The Angelman Syndrome Organisation) because, since our initiative is not accepted by everyone, as it is only natural, I would like to avoid that someone should think that we are taking advantage of their notoriety and authority to improperly reach our objective.
I would like to avoid in this manner that our initiative could unintentionally and indirectly influence the choices other people make or give hope to vain expectations.
I feel the essential need to render complete clarity and transparency as well as to pursue your full awareness with regards to what we are accomplishing together.
I fortunately have a job that keeps me busy until at least 5 p.m. I have a fabulous family who nevertheless needs my presence and therefore, even if my love for Elisa is strong, I apologise if the updating of this site is not always carried out in “real time” or if I would forget to answer someone.

I am not a journalist or attorney, a politician or a sophist, nor am I an alchemist with words or a lexical genius. I do not want, and I would not even be capable of, stopping to weight up each and every word or phrase that, isolated from its context and put under the magnifying glass of criticism and suspicions, will however trigger the blame of those who do not agree with our choice.

My, or better still, our comparison are you.